Braided Mews Jesses with Jess Extender (8 Strand Square Braid)

by Moirai Braided Falconry Equipment



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8 strand square braid mews jesses with matching jess extender hand braided to order by myself. The purpose of a jess extender is to ensure that the swivel sits further away from the body of the bird without having to have excessively long jesses, this reduces the risk of the swivel damaging the bird’s tail feathers during bating and is particularly useful for falcons who are tethered to block perches rather than bow perches meaning longer jesses would carry a risk of the bird straddling the block. You pick the size and colour, and I’ll braid it for you, any questions just ask. Micro Size is extra small and lightweight for the tiniest birds so is ideal for American Kestrels, Little Owls, Pygmy Falcons etc. Micro jesses are approx. 4 inches long (or smaller for very tiny birds) with a 3 inch extender Small Size is a bit thicker than micro and is ideal for Barn owls, Sparrowhawks and small falcons such as Aplomados. Small jesses are approx. 5 inches long with a 4 inch extender Medium Jesses are approx. 6 inches long with a 5 inch extender and are ideal for most falcons. Large Jesses are the same thickness as Medium but are 7 or 8 inches long with a 6 inch extender. They are better suited to very large falcons with large block tops, and for most hawks and buzzards. I also make Extra Large and Eagle sized jesses and extenders but those can be found under a separate listing. My braided equipment is made from a combination of superstrong black dacron and marginally less strong (but still pretty damn strong) more colourful dacrons.  

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Micro 3" jesses, Micro 4" jesses, Small 5" jesses, Medium 6" jesses, Large 7" jesses, Large 8" jesses


Black & White, Black & Yellow, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Black & Pink, Black & Purple, Black & Blue, Black & Green, Just Black, Surprise Me

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