About us

The Falconry Emporium is an online marketplace. Here you can buy/sell birds of prey, falconry accessories, and network with others in the trade. This online platform has been built by industry professionals, for industry professionals. It’s also the perfect place for newcomers to start if you are interested in keeping and training falcons or other birds of prey – not only can you trade in birds and equipment, but knowledge too.

This marketplace was created in response to the growing difficulty of sourcing and selling in the falconry industry. The use of social media to trade birds of prey and to share falconry experiences has been the primary method for falconers for many years, but with the noose continually tightening around what you can and can’t post on social media platforms, it has become almost impossible to freely trade. In 2020, we witnessed key falconry groups on mainstream social networks being removed quicker than they were being created, which forced falconers to seek alternative solutions; trading was either over-complicated or not flexible enough.

This is when the Falconry Emporium came to life.

Originally, the site was aimed to be a classified ad system; a simple method of sharing and selling birds of prey online. But, The Falconry Emporium rapidly grew into an accessible single point of call for all things falconry.

The Falconry Emporium includes its own social network, classified advertisements and a marketplace full of Falconry wares. We hope that you find everything you need, whether its birds, equipment or services. If you don’t, then please feel free to drop us an email so that we can try and source additional products and services and continue to grow and accommodate the industry.